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Lodge News/ Masters Message

Greetings Brothers:

With the holidays behind us, we can start to focus on having a good time this year. I would like to thank all those who are so tirelessly working on the Polar Plunge. I’m not so much looking forward to a COLD dip as I am on the chili to be served afterward and the association of Brothers and loved ones. This is a family event so don’t be shy about inviting anyone that is in your circle.

The January program will be the EA degree on our candidates, Mr. James Edward Giggey and Mr. David Rothermel. As discussed last month we will have three officer rehearsals. As an additional reminder, don’t forget that we have a Providence Bruins outing this month. Our Senior Steward will have more details at the communication.

I would like to impose a thought to keep with you during this new year and this thought is directed to driving on the highway. WE all encounter reckless drivers on the highway, or what we perceive to be reckless. When someone cuts us off or passes us at high speed, all of us want to drive them off the road or at the very least, flip them off. Con- sider that they may be rushing to a hospital to be with a dying partner or relative, or rushing home to meet the fire department, or to the airport to meet a returning veteran. Whatever it might be, take a breath and let it pass without retaliation. Remember that YOU are the most important element in that moment and that You are the one in control. We don’t want to lose you to a stupid and thoughtless action. Live to fight another day.

I hope you get this notice in time to attend the Annual Meeting of Jenks Lodge on January 7th. They are in our district and we should support them as much as we can.

I shall see you on the battlefield my Brothers.

Yours in the Craft, Dale P. Euga, Worshipful Master 

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