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Masters Message June 2013

Hello Brothers!

This will be the last Mail Call until September, so I am going to try and get as much information as possible into this message. At our May meeting RW DDGM Steve McGuire presented RW Norm Tierney Jr. with his 50 Year Medal. I also presented Bro. Tierney with a 50 Year Overseas Pin that I discovered in the “archives”! Con-gratulations Bro. Norm! I am happy to have been a part of your ceremony! 50 years in the Craft is quite the milestone. After the presentation, RW Richard Lynch gave a slide presentation on The Rosslyn Chapel, Knights Templar, and their connections to Freemasonry. It was extremely informative, and I hope the rest of the brethren enjoyed it as much as I did! I look forward to Sep-tember when RW Lynch will be giving another presentation. Later that same week, DDGM McGuire and I traveled to present another 50 Year Medal to Bro. William Floskis (USMC). Bro. Floskis is recovering from an injury and is temporarily at Alpine Nursing Home. I am sure he would enjoy getting a card from you, it’s his birthday on the June 19. His address is William Floskis, c/o Alpine Nursing Home, 557 Weaver Hill Rd., Coventry, RI 02816. On Saturday 18 May, Overseas joined with Rising Sun and Daylight Lodges to conduct the Master Mason Degree on 4 candidates. All I know is one day I want to be in charge of the 3rd Gate - if you know what I mean! It was quite a display of brotherhood seeing the 3 lodges work so well together to raise our new Master Masons. The highlight of the morning was RW Norm Tierney Jr.’s rendition of the 3rd Section. It was flawless! Thank you Bro. Norm for your assistance. W Tom Yeaw capped off the degree with his performance giving the Charge. It was a very moving experience that I’m sure the candidates will always remember it. W Manny Lewis and I were proud to have been part of the day and to help raise the newest Master Mason of Overseas Lodge Bro. James Suttles. Congratulations and welcome Bro. Suttles! Not to mention this was the first MM Degree done by Daylight Lodge since Hiram was King of Tyre! This degree brings an end to our degree work for the year. By the time you read this, a new GM will have been installed in the Grand East. Congrat-ulations MW Russell R. Davis Sr.! It was a wonderful day for you! I am now half way through my term in the East. It seems like it was just last month RW DDGM Steve Mcguire was installing me, now he is the JGW, congratulations RW, I have enjoyed our times together. Our new DDGM is RW Peter Iacobucci - Congratulazioni a Destra Venerabile! His GMC is W Gil Fontes whom I’m sure most of you know from the Shrine Clown Unit. Congratulations! We look forward to working with you. Since our work in the quarries is temporarily done, I am planning some social events for the 2nd half of my year. Starting with 2 events this month. On 11 June the Kilwinning Club of Boston will be coming to conduct the MM Degree. I am really looking forward to this event and I hope you will join us. On 28 June we will be having the 2nd Annual Wine Tasting Dinner event at Bro. Andrew Gold’s winery (see Upcoming Events for details). Please make a reservation if you plan on attending either of these events. There are other events in the pipeline, especially October. Lastly my thanks to the Past Masters and brothers who filled the empty chairs this month. You’ve made my job easier by stepping up when called upon. That’s it for now.
I hope to see the sidelines full on 11 June for the MM Degree by The Kilwinning Club! See you all next month!

PS: Brother - if you haven’t been to lodge in a while - come on down, we would love to see you!!!


Yours in the Craft
Marcus Channell ~ Master

About Overseas Lodge


Masonic Lodges Do Not Just Happen To Happen… It Takes A Particular Set Of Circumstances Whereby A Group Of Dedicated Masons Promote An Idea To Establish A New Lodge….. But To Establish A Military Lodge, Especially Overseas, Is Unique Indeed.

Born On Enemy Soil Overseas Lodge No. 40 Is Distinctive In Many Ways…. We Are The Only Military Lodge Chartered By The Grand Lodge Of Rhode Island, And The Only Masonic Lodge In Which The Line Officers Wear Their Uniform Instead Of Tuxedos.

Furthermore, As Per Our By-Laws, Our Entire Membership Is Composed Of Honorably Discharged Veterans And Those Currently On Active Duty, Or Drilling With A Reserve Unit Of The Armed Forces.


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